Garden Bag

Garden Bag can be used for garden clean up and other landscape work



Garden Bag 

Item:Garden Bag/ Garden Waste Bag
Material:High strength PP with one side lamination. UV stabilized.
Weight:150gsm or as per request
Mesh size:12*12 mesh
Regular size:CapacitySizeLoad Bearing
120Lφ45 cm * H 76cmMax. 50kg
270Lφ67 cm * H 77cmMax. 65kg
Other size:Customized.
Carrying handle:2pc*58cm at interval of 23cm
Emptying handle:2pc*24cm at interval of 20cm
AccessoryFlexible PP ring with half round edge 228cm
Features:Washable, Durable Tearproof, Rotproof
Application:Garden waste collection, such as grass, leaves, etc.
Packing:Each pc in poly bag. Several pcs into CTN.




Garden bags are good for all sorts of yard chores, storage, recyclables and allow you to swallow huge capacity of garden, household waste and collect leaves, weeds, grass, kindling and logs for campfire.

It is a must-have for all garden lovers


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